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Whether you write for a living or just for fun. Poetry, prose and even journalism.

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Welcome to the Newsvine Writers Group. Click 'Read More' for the group guidelines.

Topics: all writing topics are acceptable, provided they constitute a body of writing such as a story, poem, or writing-related article or blog entry. Tips, exercises, assignments and critiquing requests are also welcomed. Please do not submit items such as spam, structureless rants, or advertising. Essentially, please submit “writerly” pieces.

Plugging: you are welcome to showcase part or all of any published works to which you have copyright. However, please do not use this group as a marketing platform for published works.

Seeding: you are welcome to seed items here if they are written by you or are about writing.

Clipping: you are welcome to clip items here that have been submitted to other groups, provided they fulfill the criteria above.